Maungawhau Primary School Board of Trustees has determined that they will be accepting Out-of-Zone enrolment applications for the Year 0 & Year 1 year groups starting in 2021 only. 

The exact number of places available will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. Students who live within the home zone should also apply by this date to assist the school to plan appropriately. 

If you reside out-of-zone and you wish for your child to be considered for enrolment in the out-of-zone ballot, you will need to complete a Pre- Enrolment Form. 


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2020 Term Dates

TERM 3:  20 JUL – 25 SEP
TERM 4:  12 OCT – 11 DEC (Noon)

2021 Term Dates

TERM 1:  2 FEB – 15 APR
TERM 2:  3 MAY – 9 JUL

TERM 3:  26 JUL – 1 OCT
TERM 4:  18 OCT – 14 DEC

Transition to School and Enrolments

We are excited to offer our local Early Childhood Centres the opportunity to visit us on our Transition to School Open Mornings each term. If you live within our school zone, to find out the how the what and the where, please click here for full enrolment information.